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Getting Ready for Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion 2015 It’s spring. Spring fashion typically entails more colorful and lightweight clothing. That means it’s time to store away all of your hefty winter garbs. We’ll guide you through the spring fashion necessities. And to make it...

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Cleaning Fine Garments for 30 Years

Lights, cameras, the step and repeat. There are dozens of people, you can’t hear what anyone is saying, but you expect they’re asking you to pose, to sign, to love them. Smile big, trust your make-up artist did her...

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We Clean Your Upholstery to Maintain the Style in Your Home

We wrote last week about the versatility of carpets: how you have dozens of options where design is concerned, and how carpets offer a sense of comfort beyond the beauty of hardwood floors. We also wrote about the detractors...

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