Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is different from laundry cleaning but both are effective

Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry Cleaning

There are distinct differences between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning your clothing. To understand which is more suitable for your clothing, you need to know the differences between the two. You also need to assess the level of soil in your clothing and which fabrics...

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interview styling tips

Interview Styling Tips

Just two months into 2018, and that means employers are still trying to fill out their rosters for the year. In Q1, it is imperative that you apply for your dream job, as your chances of landing an interview are much higher. Once the interview is...

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning is Certified Safe For You

Certified Green Eco-friendly dry cleaning means thoroughly cleaning your fabrics while also responsibly caring about the environment. As a local dry cleaning business located in Los Angeles, we strive to apply the best service on your fabrics. We are always fully committed to provide our customers...

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dry cleaning tablecloths

Dry Cleaning Tablecloths This Thanksgiving

Dry Cleaning Tablecloths For Thanksgiving When you're hosting a Thanksgiving feast, dry cleaning tablecloths is a must! Every November customers come in with their tablecloths hoping to wipe out stains and messes that have accumulated over the four day weekend. Between food, drinks, and guests, there...

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