Dry cleaning is different from laundry cleaning but both are effective

Dry Cleaning vs. Laundry Cleaning

There are distinct differences between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning your clothing. To understand which is more suitable for your clothing, you need to know the differences between the two. You also need to assess the level of soil in your clothing and which fabrics...

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California Cutting Back on Water Usage

Going into its fourth summer, the drought’s effects are no longer piecemeal. The drought is now affecting 99.8% of the state. No patchwork legislation or band-aid policies will fix this crisis. Governor Jerry Brown calls it a “new era” where, “the idea of your nice...

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Vintage Shops Where Everything Is a Gem

With the sudden surge in popularity of thrift stores, most people understand thrifting can become a full-time job. The size of most thrift shops, coupled with the density of the stock, can mean you’re sifting through racks for hours. Even after putting in all those...

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Transform the Carpets in Your Home

Carpets! They warm your feet, mute your noise, and bring comfort to otherwise cold and bare areas in your home. You remember picking the color when you moved in, choosing from hundreds of colors and styles, deciding which will make the home more comfortably, more...

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Go Green with Environmentally Safe Cleaning

From your organic hemp-rope sandals to your electric car with the “GO GREEN” bumper sticker, no matter what you do you keep the environment in mind, right? You are the master of avoiding waste and helping nature, but what about when your clothes need dry...

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