11 Helpful Alternative Cleaning Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

11 Helpful Alternative Cleaning Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

You may only know them as the small white sheets you find scattered on your bedroom floor after sorting your laundry, but dryer sheets have many more uses than merely providing your clothing with a fresh scent and diminishing static. We know that cleaning your home is a full-time job, so you can’t afford to limit yourself to using items only for the purposes for which they were created. With that in mind we’ve assembled a list of all the best alternative uses for already used dryer sheets around your home.

Don’t Toss Those Sheets! 11 Creative Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

  1. The anti-static chemicals present in used dryer sheets can be used to remove and protect against dust on all your electrical appliances such as computer and television screens. The used dryer sheets actively repel dust, so not only will you remove the dust already there, but you’ll prevent dust from coming back! You can use the dryer sheet on all dust-collecting surfaces, including blinds and furniture.
  2. Bothered by all the hair your pet left on the couch? Grab a used dryer sheet and wipe the trouble area to remove the hair in question. Whether the hair is on your clothing or on cloth furniture, a used dryer sheet will get the job done.
  3. Are you having problems with rodents in your home? Rodents perceive the scent of dryer sheets more acutely than humans and will avoid the scent at all costs. Stuff rodent holes in your home with dryer sheets and the rodents won’t want to chew through the smelly material.
  4. On a camping trip or just plagued by summer insects? Protect your delicate skin by tucking a dryer sheet into your belt loop to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects. The chemical scent will repel bugs in the vicinity.
  5. Address that soap scum that always seems to build in your shower by sprinkling a few drops of water on an old dryer sheet and scrubbing away. You’ll get a clean shower and a fresh scent.
  6. Dryer sheets are helpful elsewhere in your bathroom when you want your chrome faucets to shine. Use a dryer sheet to scrub the chrome pieces in your bathroom and kitchen for an optimal clean.
  7. Prevent tangles while sewing by running a threaded needle through a dryer sheet.
  8. Remove the buildup from the soleplate of your iron by setting the iron on low and running it over a dryer sheet until the gunk on the soleplate disappears.
  9. Of course the aromatic benefits of dryer sheets can’t be overestimated; freshen your car, your laundry hamper, your bedroom, old shoes, and more by slipping in a few dryer sheets.
  10. Finally a solution to those deodorant lines that sometimes accumulate on your clothes while dressing in the morning! Remove deodorant from clothes by lightly swiping a dryer sheet over the area.
  11. Clean used paint brushes by placing dryer sheets in warm water, and then adding your paint brushes. The brushes should be easy to clean within minutes, significantly diminishing time dedicated to clean up.

Who knew dryer sheets provided all these convenient benefits? Before you run to the store to buy specialty cleaning products, check to make sure you can’t handle the task with some used dryer sheets instead.

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