How to get that Professional Look to start off the Year

Professional Look

How to get that Professional Look to start off the Year

The New Year is here and with it a chance to re-define yourself with a professional look! Everyone is on their A-game in January with ideas of growth, be it professional or otherwise. In order to really compete with the best in your industry it’s important to look the best – and there’s plenty you can do to make that happen. Here are a few tips to attain that professional look and get a head start on your goals for 2019, or at least look like you do!

Buy What Fits

Loose fitting clothing is not an attractive look, and definitely not a professional one. You should know what sizes work best on you but make sure to also take the time to try some new stuff on. Clothing brands can vary on what they consider a small, medium, or large so it’s a good idea of try some stuff on to make sure you’re not rocking loose sleeves. You know what really helps? A tailor! We know where you can get some alterations…

You Hygiene is Important

Do not be the smelly person in the office! A clean shave, a nice smelling cologne or perfume, a clean haircut… these all go a long way in helping attain that professional look. This will require a bit of morning maintenance but starting off your day like this is a great habit to develop. With cleanliness comes the connotation that you care about yourself and what you are doing. Plus it’s healthy – a win-win in our books.

Take Good Care of your Shoes

Though your feet are mostly on the ground (ideally) your shoes can say a lot about you. Dirty, unkempt shoes can detract A LOT from your professional look, so make sure you’re buying something that looks clean and stylish. Regular maintenance is a must and not as hard as some may think. If you’re having trouble maintaining them though, we have that same source from before…

Looking forward

In essence, developing good habits and picking the right clothes is the best path to a professional look to start off a big year. It may seem basic, but this is something a lot of people struggle with and, when done correctly, has tons of benefits. For more on our services and other blogs on how to best take care of your look and clothing, follow us on Facebook!

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