Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready For The Season

Get Your Spring Wardrobe Ready For The Season

Spring Wardrobe Ready

Being in the dry cleaning business; ensuring that your fabrics are clean, pressed, and smooth is on the top of our priority list. Moreover, it is our duty to get the people in our community prepared for the every seasonal fashion. And guess what? March on the calendar marks the beginning of spring! Let’s talk about getting your closet and spring wardrobe ready for you. Our closets are usually cobbled together by clothing for all types of seasons, so we want examine the approach and what items that you need to put forward for the new season.

Clear Our Your Closet for Your Spring Wardrobe

First thing you should do is to take a look at your closet and all your pieces of clothing and decide what you need to store away. Put aside all your heavy winter clothing and store it until the time comes to bring it out again. This refers to your ski jackets, sweaters, coats, gloves, and thick scarves. While separating your winter clothing from the rest, you can take the time to see if these clothes still fit or if you still want to wear them in the future. Do a mild cleanup and take the items that need to be dry cleaned to the cleaners. Also minimize your closet space by throwing away or donating the items that you don’t want to keep anymore.

Take Inventory

Now it’s time to bring all your spring clothing to the forefront of your closet. You’ll be more than ready to choose your spring wardrobe easily then to scrounge around for hours to find that specific item to wear. Get your main items like dresses, skirts, blouses, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, light jackets and take some inventory. Count how many items that you have of each. Do you need any more? An organized pile of your spring clothes will help you see if you’re missing something in your wardrobe. You can also do the same thing of eliminating any clothing that does not fit or do not need anymore.

Update Your Wardrobe and Fill in the Gaps

After taking stock in what spring items you own currently, you have a better idea on what to look out for during your next shopping spree. Lighter fabrics? New swim wear? New athletic/outer wear? Create a wish list before you hit the mall. Try to come up with items that you need and that would be a necessary addition/update to your spring wardrobe for budget sake. Remember that you’re also looking ahead to the summer season as well. If you feel that you have some extra money to spend on things you desire, then by all means buy that new floral dress that you’ve been eyeing out or those colorful swim trunks that you will look great in.

What to Wear

Now, what comes to mind when you think about spring wardrobe? It might be light clothing, bright colors, floral patterns perhaps? When you’re deciding on your spring wardrobe, you’ll want to go with what fits the season. Light colors showcases that cheerful, fresh look that represents the time. Although it will be warmer in the spring, it would still be wise to dress in layers that you can easily take off when you have to (i.e. a light jacket, cardigan, or sweater). Spring also demands lighter fabrics such as cotton, linen, or hemp. Leave the heavier ones with the winter attire storage. One last thought: Spring can also be one of the rainiest periods of the year. Keep a raincoat, an umbrella, and a pair of rain boots at your immediate disposal when the time arrives.

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Voila! You should all set and ready for the spring! Spring cleaning your closet and updating your wardrobe allows you reset and begin a fresh start for your life. However, if you find that long lost pair of jeans or woven shirt that you though you lost, allow us to pamper them with good dry cleaning. Pico Cleaners is a trusty dry cleaner in Los Angeles that you can rely on to refresh your clothing and resize them anyway you see fit. Let us get your spring wardrobe ready. There’s no better place to enjoy spring than California, so let us help you get ready for it.


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