Last Minute Prom Advice: Be Prepared

Last Minute Prom Advice: Be Prepared

Last Minute Prom Advice: Be Prepared

Prom season is upon us and while some have been preparing for this for longer than they would be willing to admit, others, well… haven’t. It’s okay! Prom means different things to different people and some people are procrastinators. But while the perfect night may not always turn out so perfect, there are definitely some things you can do to make it a night to remember. We’ll break down our prom advice for the ladies and the gents’ to make it a little easier to get the advice you need.

Prom Advice For The Ladies

  1. Use Your Best Products: The dress may be new but not everything has to be! It may be tempting to try new make-up, face products or hair products to go all out for the big night BUT with that ambition comes some risk. Allergic reactions and break outs can happen with using something your body is unfamiliar with. Stick to what you know!
  2. Bring A Pair of Comfortable Shoes: Sure, your heels probably look amazing but we’re willing to bet they’re not the easiest things to dance in! If you plan on getting down on the dance floor bring some slip on flats or flip-fops and get ready to do that jitterbug you’ve been practicing (Bonus prom advice: Don’t do the jitterbug).
  3. Avoid spending a lot of money on your prom dress. It may be tempting to purchase that YSL or Gucci prom dress but save it for your wedding day. A wedding dress can become a family heirloom, but a prom dress, however, only has to last one evening. You want to look your best and there are lots of online stores that offer incredible looks without the need to spend a fortune.

Prom Advice For The Gentlemen

  1. Get Some Alterations Done: Trust us – If there’s one bit of prom advice to take from this it’s that NO ONE wants a picture with a baggy tux! To really nail down that dapper look, you have to make sure you’re nice and fitted. A few alterations done professionally will go a long way in making your date want to share those pictures online – or at least… your parents.
  2. Make Sure Your Ride Is Clean: If you’re going very last minute on this one, you may not have the option of rolling to the prom in a limo but you can still do it with a clean ride. A quick car wash may be sufficient but don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to add that sheen to whatever car you will be taking your date in.
  3. Take Care of Your Suit: There are few moments as heart stopping as spilling red punch on your newly rented prom tux (especially if that tux is white). It may be hard to manage with all the dancing, meals and photo ops but if there’s one thing to always have on your mind, “What can cause the most stains among your surroundings?” Once you figure that out, stay faraway from these obstacles! If you do happen to have a little error during the night, don’t worry – a dry cleaning service will come to the rescue (Oh look, coupons!). Taking it to get fixed will help mitigate the exuberant damaging costs you will have to pay to the rental company. Be absolutely sure your tux looks just like when it was picked up!


Remember: Prom may not always go exactly as you imagined it but if you’re careful, know what you’re getting into and are with great friend; it can be among your best memories. Our last bit of prom advice: Have some fun! Also, don’t be afraid to show off that jitterbug dance (Okay, we’ll stop)!


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