Interview Styling Tips

interview styling tips

Interview Styling Tips

Just two months into 2018, and that means employers are still trying to fill out their rosters for the year. In Q1, it is imperative that you apply for your dream job, as your chances of landing an interview are much higher.

Once the interview is confirmed, it is time to start planning your attire carefully because sometimes the smallest details are of the greatest importance.

1. Dress Professionally

You must wear professional attire in an interview. Seems fairly obvious, but “professional” has different meaning to each individual. Follow this guide – a button down shirt, a tie, a blazer, fitting slacks and dress shoes. Sometimes a blazer isn’t necessary. Sometimes a tie isn’t even necessary. It depends on the employer, but being overdressed is better than under-dressed.

2. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Make sure that you are buying the right sized clothes to wear in any professional setting. First impressions are everything, so if your clothes aren’t fitting the way you had thought they would, see a tailor to fix them for you.

3. Avoid Flashy Colors

Keep it simple. Bright, loud colors are too distracting in an interview. Maybe around the holidays you like to dress in a festive manner, but for an interview you need to focus on the conversation rather than the color contrasts. That will make it easier on both you and your potential employer.

4. Don’t Wear Cologne

Cologne, like flashy colors, is distracting while conversing closely with an employer. When you’re 1-on-1 with a hiring manager for an interview, you want the conversation to be at the forefront of the situation. By all means, avoid any distractions that seem to put an extra element in the room.

5. Clothing Should Be Clean and Pressed

Have you considered the aesthetic of your clothing? Once they are fitted on you, how will they look? Take a trip to the dry cleaners and let them take care of your outfit. It will come out cleaner, fresher and straighter than ever. You don’t want to wear a shirt with fold lines or wrinkles, right?

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