Drapery Cleaning

The Best Drapery Cleaning in Los Angeles

Drapery cleaning can be tedious for the average person. With all of the other chores you focus on, from cleaning communal spaces like the kitchen and bathroom to keeping the living room and bedroom tidy, it’s easy to forget about the drapes. In some cases, drapery cleaning is difficult because of how high the drapes might be. The great news is we at Pico Cleaners provides onsite drapery cleaning services. So we can come to you and make sure your drapes get cleaned properly. From removing stains, and spots, to pressing for pleats, our expert professionals will have your drapes looking brand new!

Why should you use drapery cleaning? Because it adds a dash of cleanliness to your home that you probably didn’t consider. We can come to you with our on-site drapery cleaning for your convenience! So let us come in today and provide you with a beautiful curtain cleaning service so your curtains shine through every window!

Curtain Cleaning Without the Hassle

We never recommend washing your drapes yourself because of the potential damage your “not so gentle” washer machine can cause. And quite frankly curtains and drapes can be too expensive to risk damage caused by your washer and dryer. You should be able to have them for several years before having to get new ones. If you’re just looking to have them dry cleaned, you can drop them off without any hassle and we can have them dry cleaned and pressed for you. Our curtain cleaners are experts at removing stains and dirt on any of your curtains or drapes. We use products and equipment that are safe for your drapes and for the environment, so trust in our curtain cleaning capabilities.

Call us today (310.274.2431) to schedule your drapes to be cleaned onsite or at our location. Don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or via our contact form if you have any questions about your drapes and/or our services.