Free Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery

Free pick-up and delivery in Los Angeles.

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For free dry cleaning delivery in Los Angeles, choose Pico Cleaners! When your to-do list is longer than your business itinerary, your day is in trouble. Don’t forfeit your dry cleaning opportunity and compromise the cleanliness of your clothes. As free delivery dry cleaners, we make sure that crossing laundry off your to-do list has never been easier.

We all know that traveling in Los Angeles can sometimes transform simple errands into full-day trips, so let us take some of the work off of your hands. Pico Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery for all of your dry cleaning needs. Our staff is not only expert professionals in the dry cleaning field but they’re also friendly and helpful in answering all of your questions.

You Don’t Have the Time But We Do!

Don’t let your laundry basket spill over because you keep running out of time to take it to the cleaners, embrace getting cleaner laundry in Los Angeles and call Pico Cleaners. Our pickup dry cleaning is for your convenience. Schedule your pickup and a friendly member of our team will pick it up and drop it off at our dry cleaners on West Pico Blvd. Just click on the appropriate link below to schedule your next free dry cleaning pickup and dry cleaning delivery today.

You’ll find at Pico Cleaners that we’re the first excuse-free dry cleaners in Los Angeles. We take care of your belongings, not just when we clean them but when they’re being transported from your home to our dry cleaning business. And as a bonus we also have dry cleaning that is eco-friendly and certified green by Greenopia and GreenEarth Cleaning! Request your free dry cleaning pickup today!