Leather Dry Cleaning

Premium Leather Dry Cleaning

We’re full-service dry cleaners that clean leather too! Leather needs to be taken care of and because we know how expensive it can be, we make sure to take extra care when we have it cleaned. Whether it’s a leather jacket or leather pants, we make sure that our leather clothing cleaning is done the right way! We want you to look the best you possibly can in your leather clothes. That’s why we take care of your leather dry clean needs at Pico Cleaners. You won’t find better leather cleaners in Los Angeles!

Harsh Conditions Can Damage your Leather Clothes

Los Angeles is well known for its sunny weather. The sun can do a lot of damage to your leather clothing. That’s why we advise getting your leather dry cleaned annually. Consider dropping your leather clothes off at our LA leather cleaners dry cleaning store more frequently, if you’re wearing your leather garments on a regular basis. Although it’s sunny in LA more often than not, it can still rain and water can also damage your leather clothes. Our leather cleaning specialist will make sure to help with any of the damage. Keep in mind that not all conditions of your leather garments can be restored but as usual, we do our best!

Leather Jacket Cleaner

Dry cleaning leather jackets will keep them looking fresh for you to wear for years to come. No matter what look you’re going for (casual, cool, or chic), a leather jacket can instantly transform any outfit. For many, their leather jacket is an everyday stylish staple. You can trust your leather jacket in the hands of Pico Cleaners. Whether you have a biker, bomber, aviator or varsity jacket, we can handle any type of leather jacket! We are the best leather jacket cleaner in the Greater Los Angeles Area.