Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning

You Can Trust Us with Your Wedding Dress

At Pico Cleaners, we offer stellar wedding dress dry cleaning services to help preserve your dress. You’ve had the big day. You’ve married the person of your dreams and you’re blissfully happy. But now you’ve been thinking about what to do with wedding dress preservation. Come to us and your wedding gown preservation can start by using our wedding dress dry cleaning services. We take our time with your wedding dress making sure to survey it, looking for any dirt or stains. But remember with stains, you don’t want them to set, so although you can wait until after your honeymoon, it’s best to bring your wedding dress to us as soon as you possibly can.


A lot of brides want their wedding dress preserved because it can become a family heirloom. Just imagine having your dress cleaned and preserved enough to pass down to the next generation. At Pico Cleaners we have expert professionals who have cleaned countless dresses over the years. From our experience, we know all about the different wedding dress fabrics like batiste, satin, damask, taffeta, even chiffon, and plenty more. You can trust us with the future of your beautiful wedding gown. We use delicate environmentally friendly products and equipment to ensure that it gets cleaned properly without even harming the environment.

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Pico Cleaners has friendly and professional cleaners who will help preserve your delicate wedding gown. We know the gown should stay fresh forever to help celebrate, the romantic, loving moment that was your wedding. If you have any specific questions about your dress we’d be more than happy to answer them on the phone at 310-274-2431. Keep in mind that most of your questions will have to do with the appearance of stains or the dress itself and those types of questions are easier to answer in person. Stop by and we can help you today!