Shoe Cleaning Service

If The Shoe Fits…

Our shoe cleaning service is highly recommended. We can clean your shoes with ease. We use material-friendly products to make sure to give your shoes the deep cleaning that they deserve! Shoes take on a lot of hard work to protect your feet. From running, walking, and even dancing our shoes were designed to keep our feet safe. Since shoes are so durable, we have to do what we can to really make sure that they are kept clean. Los Angeles shoe cleaning is necessary to show your shoes the love that they deserve!

What Clean Shoes Can Say About A Person

Clean shoes actually say a lot about your personal hygiene and as you know people judge you based on what you’re wearing from head to toe. So it’s important to benefit from our shoe cleaning service in Los Angeles. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of your personality may be communicated by your choice of footwear. Clean shoes make a great impression. As a shoe cleaner in Los Angeles, we want your shoes to sparkle, whether you’re wearing a pair of Converse, Louis Vuitton or your work shoes, we make sure they will!

Shoe Repair

If it’s important for shoe dry cleaning in Los Angeles, then it’s even more important to have your shoes repaired! Not only do we clean your shoes but we can also repair them. From broken heels to broken soles we promise to do our best to repair any type of shoes you bring us. After our shoe repair and shoe cleaning services, your shoes will look brand new! So don’t worry about having to spend more money buying your favorite pair of shoes again when Pico Cleaners can restore your current shoes!