Enjoy the best cleaning and alteration services in Los Angeles!

At Pico Cleaners, dry cleaning is just the beginning. Read on to learn about the different cleaning services offered by Pico Cleaners in Los Angeles. Remember: Pico Cleaners doesn’t let your busy schedule get in the way of what you need. Pico Cleaners offers free pick-up and delivery service for all of your cleaning needs, so your errands don’t slow you down.

Dry Cleaning

Sometimes a regular washer and dryer just don’t give your clothes the right cleaning touch. Try the dry cleaning service at Pico Cleaners instead! Pico’s dry cleaning allows delicate clothes to get the beauty they deserve without having to go through the rough processes in washers and dryers. Our dry cleaning also allows your bright colors to stay bright, because no one wants to lose that elegant shine on their favorite clothes.

Another amazing aspect of this service is that we don’t use any nasty chemical-based solvents in our method. Instead we go for all natural, environmentally safe products that leave your clothes looking as good as new. Our experience, knowledge and expertise has led us to develop a green operation to service you with the highest level of excellence.

We are fully committed to provide you with the highest standard of quality, services and professionalism while being especially sensitive to the environment in which we all live. We are a green dry cleaners certified green by Green Earth Cleaning and Greenopia. So whether it is a wool suit or a casual dress, the dry cleaning service offered at Pico Cleaners is a great choice for most clothes.

Shirt Laundry

shirt laundryNever find a missing button again! Our shirt cleaning service will provide you with the ready-to-wear business professional image you have always wanted, and ensure that each of your shirts has all the buttons it needs. Look and feel your absolute best with crisp collars, cuffs, and a professional finish for a perfectly pressed appearance. Our cleaning and laundry service eschews harsh bleaches to prevent both shrinkage and damage to your shirt’s material, resulting in a shirt that will last 30 to 40 percent longer than ordinary washes will allow.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

pick up and delivery vanDon’t let your errands get in the way of your dry cleaning. Pico Cleaners is proud to offer free pick-up and delivery for all of your dry cleaning needs. The staff at Pico Cleaners is dedicated to saving you time and delivering outstanding service. Pico Cleaners operates the largest pick-up and delivery service in the greater Los Angeles area, covering Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Malibu, Hollywood and Downtown. To take advantage of our free service, please select whether you are a new customer or returning customer to schedule your pick-up and delivery. You can also give us a call at 310-274-2431 for this service or any other!

Tailors and Alterations

alterationsOur staff includes dedicated and experienced tailors and seamstresses. From zipper repair on slick sports jackets to creating that perfect seam on a fine fabric item, Pico Cleaners has you covered with our tailor and alteration services.

Leather Cleaning

leather and suede cleaningOur experts at Pico Cleaners specialize in leather and can remove stains and dirt from your garments without ruining the material. Leather’s unique scent and texture fades overtime, but we can restore its luster. Our specialists will use precision with soft cloths in order to clean imperfections and replenish the natural oils that give leather its distinct feel. Suede, a popular type of leather with napped finishes and open pores, can often get dirty and absorb liquid easily. Pico Cleaners can fix your suede outfits and other leathers right up. Your leather clothes — from full-grain to top-grain to corrected-grain to split — are in good hands at Pico Cleaners.

Fluff and Fold

fluff and foldPico Cleaners understands that sometimes it’s all just a matter of being pressed for time. When you don’t have any, we get the job done for you. You can rest easy knowing that your favorite garments will receive the best dry cleaning care in Los Angeles, benefiting from our gentle but thorough cleaning process. All clothes will be folded or bagged, except for pants and collared shirts, which will be hung on the hanger type of your choice. Because we want to provide the best possible service to our customers, we welcome special instructions on how to treat your favorite items.

Shoe and Handbag Cleaning

shoe and handbag cleaningIf you need your shoes and handbags cleaned, then Pico Cleaners guarantees a thorough job. Our environmentally-friendly products scrub any grime off of your footwear and bags. We ensure that no piece is left untouched. Everything from the interiors to the scraps is cleaned. These articles are essential parts of your outfits, so Pico Cleaners treats them with the same professional touch as any piece of clothing.

Shoe Repair

shoe repairPico Cleaners will mend worn out shoes. We’ll tighten the elastic and fluff the cushion to return the sturdiness to your footwear. Our services can restore a shoe’s overall durability, giving you the full support and comfort your feet deserve. Wear and tear on your favorite shoes doesn’t always mean wasting money on a new pair. Get your shoes repaired at Pico Cleaners!

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

wedding dress preservationA wedding gown can be one of the most important investments that you make. Pico Cleaners’ specialists will clean invisible stains on your wedding dress and store the gown in a container that will preserve it for years. We find the most appropriate way to clean your gown based on its material, details, and craftsmanship. After a thorough cleanse, we wrap the dress in a non-acidic material to ensure it lasts for a long time. Weddings are a special time in people’s lives, so let Pico Cleaners care for one of your most valued dresses. Learn more about our wedding dress dry cleaning services.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaningNothing lingers longer than stains and odors in your carpet. But not to worry! Pico Cleaners offers the best in environmentally friendly carpet cleaning services. Our trained and certified carpet specialists will treat your carpets to manufacturer standards and ensure that your carpet looks its cleanest. The Pico Cleaners carpet cleaning team will pay special attention to high-traffic areas in your home as well as spots, odors, and stains.

Upholstery Cleaning

upholstery cleaningAt Pico Cleaners we understand that investing in furniture means dealing with the difficulties of cleaning them later. That’s why we employ specially trained and certified technicians with expertise in difficult to clean items like family heirlooms and vintage store finds, to keep those stylish pieces in your home clean and cared for. Our specialists inspect the material and construction of each piece before beginning to understand the most suitable method of cleaning your upholstered piece. We handle pieces made from even the most difficult materials such as leather, silk, suede, ultrasuede and velvet. You can trust Pico Cleaners to clean refresh and revive your upholstery with the respect your item deserves.

Drapery Cleaning and Window Treatments

drapery cleaningWindows are focal points in any home, so we clean and maintain your drapery and window treatments with the best care. Our cleaning specialists will remove your drapery or window treatments and apply our gentle cleaning process that will erase stains, dust, odor, smoke, pollen, and soil, so your home can return to its original beauty and charm. We ensure that all drapes will return with parallel pleats and our specialists will re-install your drapery or window treatments in its original location. We also specialize in cleaning Hunter Douglas products. Learn more about our drapery cleaning services.