Tailors with a Midas Touch

People change and people grow, and when you visit Pico Cleaners, there’s no reason why our tailors shouldn’t be able to alter your favorite clothes to change and grow with you. Our staff includes dedicated and experienced tailors and seamstresses. From zipper repair on slick sports jackets to creating that perfect seam on a fine fabric item, Pico Cleaners has you covered with the following alteration services at our tailor shop:

  • Alterations to pants, skirts, and other items: You don’t have to get rid of your clothes just because they became too big or small. Our alteration services allow for re-sizing your clothes so that they feel natural and comfortable on your body.
  • Hemming: Pico Cleaners’ hemming service is marked by precision in both the folding and sewing processes. No one wants their fabrics to unravel. We promise you will get the perfect borders and edges to compliment your clothes and keep them from falling apart.
  • Replacement of buttons and snaps: Losing buttons and snaps can be a hassle. These small fasteners work so well in keeping your clothes together and providing that extra touch of aesthetic appeal. Don’t let your outfits go without them for long. Use the button and snap replacement service at Pico Cleaners to get your outfit back in tip-top shape.
  • Seam Repair: Seams are essential for holding your clothing together, whether it is blue jeans or a black leather jacket. Don’t let ripped seams make you throw away your clothes. Our tailoring offers terrific seam repair services to get those clothing lines fixed and looking brand new.
  • Wardrobe Re-sizing: Do you have a large collection of clothes that need re-sizing? Pico Cleaners offers wardrobe re-sizing services that are top-notch. We will give your various shirts, pants, shorts, and other clothing items the sizing touch-ups they need all in one trip. Let Pico Cleaners provide you with the perfect wardrobe re-sizing for your multiple outfits.
  • Zipper repair on jackets and pants: “Zip!” That sound is the perfect finish to putting on your favorite jacket or pants. But sometimes zipper slides get caught or dangle and just won’t go up or down. At other times the interlocking zipper teeth just become rough or broken, making a complete zip a hard thing to do. Pico Cleaners offers excellent zipper repair service so you don’t have to stand such pesky happenings.
  • Leather jacket repair: Between buttons popping off, zippers breaking, and general wear and tear, leather jackets can go throughout a lot. Especially if worn on a regular basis. That’s why we not only offer leather jacket repair, but also leather garments dry cleaning. Learn more about our leather dry cleaning services.