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Getting Your Fall Wardrobe into Shape

Fall is here with all of its cold air and beautiful fallen leaves. That also means the short-sleeved shirts, cargo shorts, and miniskirts aren’t going to be the most comfortable things to wear right now. It’s time to bust...

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Winter Coat Weather: The Season of “Dry Clean Only”

It’s finally here: that time of the year in which even sitting in your living room requires socks. That’s right; you’re investing in new hoodies and sweatpants in preparation for hanging out in your home over the winter season,...

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Create a New Wardrobe: Pico Cleaners Offers Alterations

Even though Los Angeles is the land of perpetual sunshine, summer styles are still vastly different from the clothing styles of other seasons. That usually means you have to shell out for new additions to your summer wardrobe. In...

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