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What is business attire

A Guide to What is Business Attire?

Have you ever worked at a job and heard the phrase “business attire”? Have you ever wondered “What is business attire?” or “How does one meet business attire requirements?” If you have, then you are in luck. In this...

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GreenEarth Cleaning

What is GreenEarth Cleaning, and What Does it Have to do with Pico Cleaners?

You may have noticed that on Pico Cleaner’s front page, we say that our cleaning services are certified green by Greenopia and GreenEarth Cleaning. But what does this mean exactly? Who or what is GreenEarth Cleaning? And what do...

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California Cutting Back on Water Usage

Going into its fourth summer, the drought’s effects are no longer piecemeal. The drought is now affecting 99.8% of the state. No patchwork legislation or band-aid policies will fix this crisis. Governor Jerry Brown calls it a “new era”...

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Vintage Shops: Where Everything is a Gem

With the sudden surge in popularity of thrift stores, most people understand thrifting can become a full-time job. The size of most thrift shops, coupled with the density of the stock, can mean you’re sifting through racks for hours....

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Los Angeles Dry Cleaners in High Demand

Los Angeles is looking tidier these days. Sure, this city has a reputation for its fashion sense. But what’s fashion for if your clothes aren’t fashionably pressed and cleaned? In a recent survey published by the American Drycleaner, it...

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3 Great L.A. Outlets to Purchase Suits From

Tired of the same old suit? Ready to look classy in something fresh and new without breaking your wallet? Then try one of these three Pico Cleaners-recommended suit outlets in the Los Angeles area, all known for their great...

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Pico Cleaners Offers the Best Free Pick-Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service

Getting anything for free in Los Angeles is rare. Rarer still is the opportunity to get things that are actually useful for free. When the world decides to make our lives easier at no cost, we should all...

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Cleaning Fine Garments for 30 Years

Lights, cameras, the step and repeat. There are dozens of people, you can’t hear what anyone is saying, but you expect they’re asking you to pose, to sign, to love them. Smile big, trust your make-up artist did her...

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